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Bird Watching Tours

Bird-Watching Tours operate high-quality birding tours from its headquarters Peru Birding Tours.
We have always believed in two simple premises: we want all of our clients to share in the excitement and fun of a top-notch birding adventure, and we want to provide the best service possible to both our tour participants and our independent travel clients. Our activities are orientated into conservation.
We offer more than 20 advertised and private tours annually, featuring small groups and including meals (see below). Additionally we arrange birding trips for birding clubs and private groups. We can also arrange for an experienced birder leader to accompany your group of 8 or more.
Who goes on Bird-Watching Tours and Peru Birding Tours?
Lots of great folks from all walks of life with various levels of birding and travel experience, from beginner to old hand. We get lots of queries to the effect of “Am I experienced enough for one of your tours?” The answer is an unequivocal “Yes.” Most of our tours will be rewarding for birders of all levels of experience. A select few are more specialized and tend to attract folks who have already traveled widely in the country or region and thus might not be your best choice for a first tour to that area; there are usually one or more alternatives in our schedule for such a first-time visit. The nature of the tour should be evident from our tour descriptions and itineraries, but if you’re not sure, just call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to talk you through it. You want the right tour match for you, and we do too.
Why do our clients travel with us?
From novice to seasoned aficionado, our clients continue to travel with us because we design our itineraries carefully, provide comprehensive pre-and post-tour information, handle logistics smoothly, and because our guides are not only first-rate field ornithologists skilled at finding birds and showing them to all members of a group, but also warm, fun-loving people who genuinely enjoy making the tour a pleasant experience for each participant.
Beyond creating itineraries that balance fabulous birding with reasonable logistics, it's our job to make your vacation as free of concern as possible. Our tours include all meals (with a ready supply of field refreshments from our coolers on most tours). We also understand that being unreasonably crowded is not part of a memorable birding trip, so our tours typically are limited to 14 participants on many itineraries (with 2 guides); some are limited to still smaller numbers from 6 to 10 participants. We also offer a frequent traveler discount.
Come and join us in this journey, we're one of your best birding option!
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